Medical College Admission Everything You Need to Know

A career in the medical profession is fascinating as well as challenging. Following the challenges of an MBBS degree, one encounters numerous career prospects compared to other bachelor’s degrees. MBBS is a five-year bachelor's degree course in which students learn about human anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. It is the first step for the students to become doctors.

Some tips you know before taking admission:

A) You should have basic knowledge of the course details.

B) Realistic understanding of the demands of the course.

C) You should have a clear idea about the course fees and time duration.

D) Numerous subjects are covered during this MBBS course, so you have to break down every topic into manageable parts for easy understanding.

How to prepare for NEET-PG?

Course Duration

This undergraduate course takes almost 5.5 years, including the one-year fundamental internship period.


The MBBS course encompasses 19 subjects across its curriculum, including physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and pathology. Each period of study explores these fundamental areas, providing a comprehensive understanding of the medical sciences.


Students admitted to this course must clear their class 10+2 board exam with a minimum 55% number. Also, they must have passed from science stream in class 12. Career opportunity: In MBBS, career opportunities are also more than other bachelor's degrees. After completing MBBS, graduates can practice as physicians in govt or private hospitals.

What is the MBBS admission process in India?

For government colleges:

The medical college admission process in India involves clearing entrance exams NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), followed by counseling conducted by respective authorities(NMC). NEET scores are usually the primary criterion for admission to undergraduate medical courses. After clearing the exam, candidates participate in counseling sessions to secure seats in medical colleges based on their ranks and preferences.

For private colleges:

Admission to private MBBS colleges in India is similar to government colleges. After passing the entrance exam, candidates must participate in counseling organized by the Centralized Counseling Institution OR State Counselling Institution. Places are allocated based on merit, including exam results.

About EICS:

EICS (Education India Career Services) is your trusted partner for medical college admission in India. EICS is a government-registered education service provider from West Bengal. We provide expert guidance and aspiring students to pursue an MBBS degree. We support student and their families from the beginning stage to the final admission.

Services provided by EICS:

We provide services to students for admission to medical colleges all over India. Also, it helps to take the MBBS admission lowest package.

  • A) Personalized Counselling: Every student dreams about their personal goals. Our expert team ensures that every student’s individual needs and aspirations are met. Whatever thoughts you have regarding the admission or education criteria, ask our expert who will guide you in the right way.
  • B) Complete Assistance: We provide you with complete assistance regarding the application process and entrance exam preparations. also, you know about the MBBS fee structure in Pan India and all other doubts you have.
  • C) Stay updated: In the current scenario, multiple colleges are up-coming, and exam and admission patterns are also updated day by day. We always help you to stay updated.
  • D) Access to a wide network of private colleges: Our exclusive network across India opens up an abundance of options for students. We ensure the right college for the students at minimal cost.
  • Through EICS, you can gain admission to many well-known medical colleges at the lowest package,
  • For example, In West Bengal, we can help you to get admission at a reasonable cost. Through us, you can comfortably gain admission to any of the popular medical colleges in India.
  • FAQs
  • 1) Is MBBS a doctorate?
  • No, this is a bachelor's degree in medicine.
  • 2) Is MD better than MBBS?
  • MD is an advanced degree in medicine after MBBS. It is a specialization in a specific area of medicine.
  • 3) Is there a good private MBBS college in West Bengal?
  • Yes, there are numerous good private medical colleges in West Bengal. Namely, KPC Medical College, IQ City Medical College, Gouri Devi Medical College, Sanaka Medical College, JIS Santragachi, and Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Science.
  • Conclusion :
  • The medical field is one of the most responsible and respected sectors in India, so those who dreamed about pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine can go ahead and chase their dream. EICS as a partner in their education life always guides students about every aspect of MBBS admissions. Also, helped to choose the right path for their education in medicine at a very minimal cost. EICS always stands with future doctors of India.

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